I can’t wait to introduce my latest Todays Special Value full of my personal favourite formulas, best-sellers and a brand-new supersize product launch!      Life-Long Beauty is a collection inspired by the beauty of nature and refined by science to create a range of powerful formulas to deliver the ultimate regeneration of the skin.

Discover this four-piece collection here as we deep dive into the formulations and the unique actives. This special collection is worth £175.00 but for one day only, will be available exclusively at QVC. At a special price. This unique collection launches at QVC at 9pm on 22ND and is available with 4 Auto-delivery options for the first time. 

NEW Life Long Beauty Grand Cru Rose Serum 100ml SUPERSIZE

A bouquet of roses that makes you shine from within! My NEW Grand Cru Rose Serum is the result of 15 years research into skin rejuvenation. Highly concentrated plant cells are gently extracted from the heart of the most potent roses for exceptional results. Your skin will feel soothed, calm, and protected from environmental stresses with intense hydration.  You’ll notice other actives absorb more effectively for optimum results. A masterpiece of plant biology using my knowledge, I have selected each rose for their exceptional skin care properties.  Cultivated mother cells produce highly active plant cells for skin that appears visibly transformed, full of luminosity and youthful radiance. This precious serum wraps the face in a luxuriously velvety veil.

Rosa Damascene is proven to reduce deep & superficial wrinkles whilst supporting the production of collagen.

Rosa Centifolia contains vitamins and antioxidants to moisturize dry skin as it helps to rebuild and restore the skin barrier to reinforce skin protection.

Rosa Alba provides the skin with everything it needs to shine with radiance, reducing pigmentation for a brighter, balanced complexion.

Black Baccara nourishes with antioxidant protection as it firms and refines the pores.

Rosa Moscato revitalizes, protects, and soothes the skin with a smoothing and regenerating effect and preserves the natural beauty of the skin.

 Life Long Beauty Ultra Lift Day Cream 80ml

This best-seller and customer favourite has been amongst my absolute favourites for many years, this intensely rich and caring day cream is deeply nourishing as it builds skin density.  During our life, our skin undergoes many different stages and changes which lead to several skin related disorders. As early as at the age of 40 the elastic net of our skin starts losing much of its strength. Elastin fibres clump together, and collagen no longer has the original swelling capability and, therefore, cannot retain moisture as efficiently. This intense day cream was developed to significantly reduce wrinkles and lines and to support skins density and elasticity.

Age Sync supports cell defence and renewal to optimise regeneration.

Densilift 5.0 effectively rebuilds skin density and thus counteracts skin sagging. It smoothens the macro and micro relief of the skin and reduces wrinkles and lines visibly.

Compact skin additionally helps to support the growth factors of the skin. By stimulating the synthesis of natural sugars, loss of elasticity can be prevented, and the skin appears younger and firmer.

 Life Long Beauty Neck & Décolleté́ Cream 100ml

The Life Long Beauty Neck & décolleté́ cream with Soy Isoflavones helps to firm and nourish demanding skin in the neck and décolleté́ area. A high-quality soy complex counteracts the external signs of premature skin aging and ensures a youthful, smooth, and supple appearance.

Rice Oil is a valuable extract rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins resulting in an intensive nourishing effect, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Densilift 5.0. complex fights against the external signs of premature skin ageing as it refines the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Soy Isoflavones help reduce photoaging, skin dryness and wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity.

Life Long Beauty Ultra Lift Eye Cream 30ml SUPERSIZE

Skin around the eyes is much thinner and more exposed to external radicals that can affect the protein structure and function. Special care and valuable ingredients are necessary to support this particularly delicate area and to create a youthful look.   This Supersize Ultra Lift Eye Cream tightens, smooths, and reduces the appearance of dark circles for a more refined and brighter contour.

Eye Cell contains plant-Insulin, that can restore the activity of the skin basal layers for an effective repair of damaged proteins. After application the skin is reactivated and densified and crow’s feet, fine wrinkles and lines will by reduced visibly. In addition, Ultra Lift Eye Cream contains stimulating actives to improve the appearance of dark circles.

Densilift 5.0 is added to the formula to improve skins resistance and density.


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