Give your skin the Royal Collagen treatment

Royal Collagen is the ultimate skin superfood, rich in sea minerals found in the pure waters of Brittany to combat advanced signs of ageing.  The unique blend of marine extracts reinforce skin defences to protect and preserve precious collagen whilst accelerating the growth of new collagen cells.


This complete collagen boosting regime delivers beautifully lightweight formulas that feel fresh and instantly hydrating as powerful actives target deep lines and wrinkles whilst calming redness and sensitivity. 


This exclusive collection features the launch of the NEW Re-bounce Infusion Serum with break-through technology that supports fragile skin, enhancing elasticity and firmness.  The super fine, micro-molecular formula uses Collagen Supreme complex to strengthen cell walls to protect from environmental stress and to re-energise cell energy reserves. 


Deep Dive

Here’s a deep dive into the potent extracts and their benefits in my Royal Collagen Collection;


  • Algative– Naturally pre-biotic, this algae strengthens the skins micro-biome which is often compromised by external stresses. Stimulating growth and cell renewal your skin appears plump and energised. Excess oil and sebum is rebalanced and high colour and redness reduced.



  • Collagen Supreme  - This red algae contains 2 polysaccharides renowned for their ability to strengthen cell walls to defend from external stresses and to support cell energy.  Containing high level sugars, sulphates and Magensium this extract has been shown to stimulate collagen through “transformation growth factor”, the increase in cell turn over.


  • Maritime Youth – Containing all essential amino acids vital for maintaining healthy skin. Manganese, iron, copper and zinc elements encourage collagen synthesis, bonding the skin’s matrix to improve elasticity and structure. This potent compound maintains the cells moisture balance and increases Hyaluronic Acid.


  • Okinacea – Also known as Green Caviar as the tiny pods grow on a fine string like a delicate string of pearls. Stimulating the production of collagen and improving the exchange of molecules between the keratinocytes and the dermis.


  • Concentrate Coralline - A red algae that has a calcified structure. Our bodies are less able to retain calcium in the epidermis from the age of 60 which helps to strengthen the barrier function leaving your skin firmer and stronger.   It’s ability to decrease cutaneous microcirculation visibly reduces redness.


Reveal new, vibrant skin that is strong and full of energy with firm contours and youthful plump complexion.


The Royal Collagen Essential Collection will launch exclusively at QVC at 9pm on the 11th August with an  incredible  saving.  I can’t wait to showcase the benefits of this collection to you.


Judith Williams



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